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LavaHephernaan BG2 - basic information
Hephernaan for BG2EE is now here, available.

Baldur's Gate series still miss some evil characters. With BG2EE we were given Hexxat and Dorn, but... then SoD introduced some new characters many of us miss. As some may have noticed, I have a weak spot for less popular NPCs. I made Quayle BG2 mod. Not long ago I released Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul. I like those characters that could use some more spotlight. That is why I've decided to bring back Hephernaan - Belhifet's right hand and the one that was whispering to Caelar Argent's ear.

Hephernaan BG2EE includes:
  • Hephernaan as a joinable NPC for both SoA and ToB portion of the game
  • An ability to turn into his natural form... for a price, because who would speak fondly about someone working with a devil?
  • Two small areas that are tied to Hephernaan and his quest
  • A chance to meet his new master and trade with him... not the usual way, though, because devils always were interested in something else than gold
  • Reactions from other NPC, as many of them won't accept working with someone like Belhifet's former servant

The beginning of the mod will also introduce a story about how he managed to escape his final death in Avernus.
The mod does not include a romance - I do not consider Hephernaan someone who would be interested in a relationship like that.

I would also like to tag Raduziel here, as he is a great help with some items and spells I designed to be included in this mod. Thanks!

Hello Lava,

Only a few words to test your forum: don't forget next IA release will install Hephernaan animations and soundsets files for both classic and EE games! Wink

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