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mausBug thread
The dialogue about the leech started during fighting. I suppose this is not intented...

Walahnan's dagger creates a visual effect which is permanent. Usually enemies die so it is no problem. But while being charmed he hit Aura who is no shimmering every few seconds...
The leech talk already has that check, so it must be like the talk was first, he was walking toward so you and then you encountered enemies. The script:


As for the dagger: that's gonna be fixed. I'm wondering if ctrl+r is going to remove that effect from Aura. Killing her and then reviging may also help. Not sure if I know any other way. Unless you already loaded the game.

I'm going to change the thread's name to "Bug reports", if you don't mind, as I think it's mostly that for now Smile If you feel like writing a new post, sharing your experience once you're done with the mod, then start a new one Smile

Have fun with Walahnan in the group!
...actually, it's already fixed now.
That might be the scenario. I was talking to people which got hostile and then the dialogue started.
Right Smile So that's how the engine works Smile Nothing much more than I can do.
At least the dagger is now fixed.
Playing BG2EE 2.6.6, I completed De'Arnise Keep but I cannot locate Walahnan v0.92 (he should be on the east side by the large rocks?). The new cave is present, which I liked very much (always like new areas!). The NPC did not spawn.
Hmm, it's weird. He should be there and my friend played with him not so long ago. Are you playing a warrior (or other class that gets the keep) or someone else?
You can try to summon him next to the cave. I thin his .cre was called l#2wh, so it would be C:CreateCreature("l#2wh")

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