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VenBug reports
This is my first post here.
Thank you for this mod. Kuldahar was too poor for the main town. I have just installed this, and i can tell only few things.
About installation:
Weidu installer don,t run - not correct win32 application.  I've just swapped and renamed installer file from InnBB
Problem during instalation - incorrect line 8 in file L#KUEHA1.baf.  Bad command "CreateCreatureEffect" - edited, changed to "CreateCreature" and deleted redundant " " chars.
(i dont know if i did right, but mod installed succesfuly)
In the game:
MOD start's properly, only if you never been in kuldahar before. when i load save when i'm back from HOW, map is changed, but new places weren't avaiable, new NPC's was missing.
When i load save before my first visit, and enter to town, mod works fine.
My remark:
New areas are very good. but one place is missing: Upper Kuldahar. Bartender mention it. It will be nice to go there, even if there will be only houses and NPC's.

Once again, thank You for this (and the others) mod for IWD. I've played when it was first released and ihis is rerurn to my days of young.
(sorry if i make mistakes somewhere - my english isn't perfect.)
What game version are you using? If such an effect like CreateCreatureEffect then it looks like you were using an outdated version of the game (from before the 2.0 patch, perhaps). It was tested by another player and he confirmed the mod installed and he had the encounter that includes the mentioned script.

As for the Upper Kuldahar - that mod does not include it and I'm not planning to add it, the mod is already being translated into other languages. The idea that there is some higher part of Kuldahar sounds really weird - I know the bartender mentions it, but Kuldahar is located and protected under the tree. There are no paths leading up and on the wallpaper, you will see there are high mountains near and... well, if something is there, it wouldn't feel like Kuldahar, but a different village. It would be separated. So... well... I don't have any plans regarding the upper Kuldahar idea. Maybe I'll release something one day, but that would be probably a separate mod or something.
i've checked. I use older version. probably this is the issue.

I know there are no paths to upper Kuldachar or places on the map. That's why i think about something like small district behind the tree. I don't force You to change the mod, its just my wish to go to all mentioned by NPC places. I dont think Upper kuldahar as important place either. Just expanded area, making kuldahar more lively place.
To make the bartender's dialogue make sense, it should be a bit more... far. Lysan goes there when she takes her day off so it should be harder to get to, to the day off make it a bit more believable. If it was just around the corner, the bartender would know she's not going there, but somewhere else.

And I know you're not forcing me to change this mod, I just think that the whole Upper Kuldahar part mentioned in vanilla game is kinda weird Smile

Anyway, I am glad you like the mod! Hopefully, you'll find it even more enjoyable with time! Just an advice: if I were you I would update your game. It looks like it's from before 2.0 and that patch is crucial when it comes to mods. If you're using a DVD version, you should be able to use Beamdog Client to update your game.
You have a point. If Lysan go so near, she did not need a day of. This place bothers me. Maybe this is a village behind a peak, but still under the great oak branches? It's nice to try imagine this.
Searching her, because she didn't come back to work, or even help bartender to find new waitress. whole this Lysan quest is lacking something.
it can be enter to bigger story, with Auril temple, where you are chased by auril priests, or help the temple to rid off ortodox belivers.
But this is my opinion only. Smile
We'll see, maybe one day I'll feel that I must somehow make describe Upper Kuldahar and include it in the game, but... well, time will show!
Have fun with the mod! Cheers!
Being new in this forum I'd like to ask a question. I got the chimera-task and the lure-cow from Oswald. I suppose the gorge where the next step is supposed to happen is that place where many goblins are feasting on some dead beetles. But I am lost a bit now as I thought I have to place that lure-cow in the middle of that place and something is going to happen. But I stayed there an camped there and nothing happened. What did I miss?
But what do you mean by place in the middle? That is indeed what should happen in the area north from the tower in Kuldahar Pass (the tower between Kuldahar Pass and the cave with beetles), however you should place it in this new container in the middle of that area, not just by dropping the cow. Is the container there? If no, tell me - have you installed the mod after you already visited this area once? If so, the area is broken as mods do not update already loaded areas.
OK, that explains the problem.
When I came back from Dragons eye after defeating Yxunomei I lost L'anna when entering the root cellar in Kuldahar. I mean I saw her in the right hand rooster but she was not on the map any more and I couldn't click on her and furthermore all the new areas (like Below&below) where not to be seen on the map, so I reinstalled every mod again - to no avail.
But I could enter all areas by using the console and after I visited them once, they were on the map again. And I refrain from entering the root cellar to keep L'anna.
And only after reinstalling every mod again I got the quest with the chimera and the cow. So that might be the reason there is no container. I keep you informed if I run across other problems or make any progress. I like the mods very much so I guess I'll give them a second run with a different party.
I'm looking very much for further IWD:EE mods from your side (or ones you think are worth to be mentioned).
rusty-tom - a pity you didn't take a look here:
It's gonna be fixed soon, but fixing that one variable would prevent the L'anna bug... Sorry...
no problem, I'm just downloading all the updated files and try a new run and I'll keep that bugfix in mind
I updated the mod yesterday to prevent future problems. Keep in mind, though: first, install all mods you want to play with and do not re-install any mods that update savegames, change areas etc, as things can get messed up. Also remember that there are NPC mods that DO update areas - like Oak-Maw. So, if you encounter any bug, let people know, because chances this can be fixed up with a use of console are pretty high! Smile
A small observation: that Lost squirrel stays in the inventory, but I do get the reward.

Question: Do I remember correct that there might be a task given by Weenog to get him some magic? If so, are there certain requirements necessary because I talked to him with every memeber, but without result (I'm playing with the NPC project group).
Yeah, I keep forgetting about fixing that squirrel.

As for Weenog... I'm not sure I remember such quest. In Rediscovery of Kuldahar...
you can give him a sandwich if you have it in your invenotry - you can get it for helping the paralyzed girl

And in L'anna...
there is this quest where you get him a book from his master so he gave you these notes he found and which L'anna needs
Perhaps that one is what you meant.
exactly, the book, thx

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