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LavaVerr'Sza BG2EE - basic information and download
The mod brings back Verr'Sza, the rakshasa companion, to Baldur's Gate 2. It's a continuation of Baldur's Gate and Siege of Dragonspear NPC, written by the same author. However the mods was written to allow continuation of the partnership between the Child of Bhaal and Verr'Sza, it is possible to start a brand new relationship with Verr'Sza, instead of continuing BG1 content.

Verr'Sza is an evil malee ranger; a man who's not always much concerned about law of the men. He is practical and follows rules set by himself and his idea of how things should be done. Yet he is also interested in learning. He's not crude. He's not reckless, even though he's not an example of patience, he undestands some matters need different kind of actions and attitude.

Mod includes romance (for both male and female Bhaalspawns), which may differ slightly, depending if you're continuing your romance from BG1 or not. Note he will not start a romance with lawful good characters.

If you continue BG1:SoD romance, expect an additional companion, a character that appeared in the SoD content and who's name I will not provide to avoid spoiler... and to make you discover this yourself. The additiona character is a bard.

Note that due to NPCs attitude and language, content of the mod may be considered explicit. The mods was written with adult players in mind.

This is a dumb question, but where is Verr'Sza in BG2 Enhanced?
He can be found during the Firkraag quest. Right after you enter the first cavern (the area with orcs and the rakshasa), there is this small cave on the opposite side of that complex. He's there, waiting for you. Note that you do not need to complete Firkraag quest. You can just go there, join him and then leave and get back once you're ready for that quest.

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