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Bernie RFeedback on prices for healing etc. in Kuldahar.

First, I want to say again I am absolutely loving your mods. Thanks for the tremendous amount of work they must have taken. In my opinion, they improve the experience 100%.  I have all your new IWD area/quest mods installed, as well as the Findit item mod. The one other mod I am also playing with is the IWD NPC Project mod. I am not using any of your npcs this run since, as you know I'm sure, that mod adds a full party of 5 npcs to play along with one's own main character. 
I touched briefly in another thread about the cost of a Restoration scrolls in Kuldahar. I wanted to relate the cost of other healing available that I am seeing presently in Kuldhar with these mods installed. My party currently has a reputation of 16.

In the Temple in Kuldahar, I am seeing the cost to have the priest Raise Dead is 3700. The cost for a Resurrection by the priest is 5550.
One can purchase a scroll of Raise Dead there for 485. One can purchase a scroll of Resurrection for 14550.
A scroll of Restoration can be purchased there for 727. A scroll of Healing costs 4850.

You probably know already where I am going with this.  It seems logical to me that healing etc. by a priest at a Temple, should cost less than buying a scroll for the same type of healing from the same Temple. As noted, currently buying a scroll for Raise Dead is only about15% of the cost of having the priest perform it. I'm almost wondering if this is a typo? 
If it is a typo, am I correct that it can be corrected in one place without having to do it in each translation?
 And one other thing if I may (isn't there always), related to my other thread. Any chance a scroll of Lesser Restoration can be added to the Kuldahar Temple for purchase, or perhaps make Restoration available for the Preist to perform at lesser cost?

Thanks again so much!

This mod does not tweak existing stores in terms of prices and rebalancing. The cost of Rise Dead scroll is weirdly low, and while it looks like a typo, it should be fixed by a mod that offers fixes. I would say that this sounds like something that could be changed by EE Fixpack, maybe.

I do not want to change that with a story mod. The mod is to make Kuldahar bigger, with more secrets to uncover, some more people to help or talk to, and new visual stuff to improve the atmosphere. Price fixing isn't something I want to play with.

Regarding the Restoration scroll: I do not want to change it. It was introduced by The Grove of Chaos mod because it adds just a couple of vampires. The scroll is an exact copy of BG2EE item. Call me weird, but I do want to keep it that way and I don't want to create item variants with only the price changing. And it should not be as big of a deal considering the same mod adds a book in the Grove where you encounter the vampires, and that book allows you to cast Restoration for free, so it's not like you won't be able to get those levels back because of that.

I am glad you are enjoying the content, but there are some stuff that I want to keep as they are Smile


Thanks for the reply, and I will look into the fix pack you are referring to. Very understandable that you would like to keep consistency in prices of items between games.

All the best!

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Feedback on prices for healing etc. in Kuldahar.00