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MantoiseXzelë and items against undead (spoilers)
Howdy, I don't know if I should post it here but I noticed that Xzelë while she refuses to equip items that would harm undeads from the vanilla game she has no trouble with items from weaselmods, I noticed while on the Tangled Oak Island where she had an interjection about the undeath in the tree but had no trouble equipping an item from said mod. So I checked in EEKeeper items which code started with L# and L0(which I think it was only Will) searching for the ones that might hurt undeads(I didn't look for protective item), cheated them inside Xzelë inventory and made a list of those she could equip:
-Light From Over the Garden Wall | When hit by a shadow, the light of this lantern kills it instantly

-Snake's Bones | Critical Misses made with this weapon cast Hold Undead spell

-Micasta, The One Beyong the Sky | All vampires hit by this weapon suffer additional 5 fire damage

-Raven's Dark Gift | Instantly kills zombies

There were two items meant to harm undead that she could wear that raise the Turn Undead level but I don't know if I should take them into consideration since Xzelë cannot turn undeads:
-Ring of Sacred Shades | +4 to effective levels

-Mantle of Proud Life | +4

The list might not be exhaustive and doesn't include item with Control Undead since Xzelë can equip the Poems of Evening Glory(obviously...). I put the items under spoiler in case someone hasn't played the mods.

The items that are disallowed are weapons against all sorts of undead, thus items that I believe she wouldn't use as they would be harmful to herself. The items you listed are harmful to a more specific kind of creature. She isn't a shadow so the Light From Over the Garden Wall shouldn't affect her. Neither should items that are built for specific undead like zombies or vampires. In the same way, items vs. zombies do not affect other in-game undead creatures. (Actually, Light From Over the Garden Wall is also an easter egg item that refers to Over the Garden Wall animation -- it is to "dispel shadows" not harm undead)

If anything from the list was to be disallowed, it would be the Snake's Bones as it does not specify any specific type of undead creatures.

So while I admire you picked all the items that somehow mention undead creatures, I am against adding those items, because she isn't a direct target of those items. Revenant is not a zombie and neither it is a shadow Smile

BTW, I am also not going to add all possible items from all the mods to the list. That would require constant monitoring and updating this mod and... Truth to be told, of someone cares about consistency, they simply won't let her equip such items, as such people would find it immersion-breaking. So I will just leave that to the players. 

I am editing the thread title, as it is full of spoilers Smile
Ah, ok! I though it was more like a philosophical reason rather than a self preserving one. Thanks for the clarification!

Quote:Actually, Light From Over the Garden Wall is also an easter egg item that refers to Over the Garden Wall animation
I knew that and it was awesome to find it
Sure! I think there is a a PID or something where we can ask her about fighting undead and she says that as long as they are willing to hurt her, she is going to defend herself and she may face them Smile

The list of locked items is there because i believe it would kinda hurt someone like her to even hold the Mace of Disruption Smile

But I also encourage people to just let her fight / use items that make sense Smile actually that's probably something I could say about any character but I guess you know what I mean, heh.

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