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#1 The Return of Spell-50

From Wes: Quite a few priest, druid and mage spells are extended (linearly) in all respects up to 50th level. For example, a 50th level mage casting Fireball does 50d6 damage (save for half). A 50th level mage casting Blur gains the blur benefits for 150 rounds. Note that this applies to you and to your enemies.

From Cam: This is not meant to be a balanced mod and, while you may eat a 30d6 Fireball once in a while, for the most part it's going to make the game substantially easier by buffing your spellcasters. It's meant to be fun, even if it can be a bit silly.

This mod has been recoded from the bottom up and quite a few improvements have been made along the way, notably, that it covers many more spells than before; that it now covers the original Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate games, BGEE, BG2EE, IWDEE, BGT, Tutu, and BGT; that any level cap from 1 to 50 can be selected; that it does so without overwriting the old spells; and that it also updates game text and spell descriptions.

v7 changelog

  • Updated to work with several additional games: BGEE, BG2EE, IWDEE, BGT, Tutu, EET, original Baldur's Gate, and original Icewind Dale
  • Spell extensions are now done semi-automatically at install time and no longer overwrite existing spells
  • Ability to select level cap from a variety of options
  • Updated to cover spells from Icewind Dale imported into BG/BG2 games via IWDification, SCS, or Talents of Faerûn
  • Spell descriptions are now updated, mainly to remove phrases indicating a maximum damage or other effects
  • Extended to cover these additional BG2 spells:
    • Arcane: Grease; Magic Missile; Shocking Grasp; Melf's Acid Arrow; Flame Arrow; Spell Shield; Contingency; Symbol, Fear; Symbol, Stun
    • Divine: Armor of Faith; Call Lightning; Hold Animal; Holy Smite; Unholy Blight; Shield of the Archons; Sunray
    • Other: Kit versions of spells (Lathander's Hold Undead; Avenger's Chain Lightning; &c.); other class/kit abilities like Lay On Hands

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