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psykotikOrmyrrs' Peak quest
I'm enjoying a lot this mod, which totally flows with BG style. But I feel alone, seems like nobody faces trouble in completing quests here Smile

Where are the objects I'm supposed to find for the Ormyrrs's Peak quest? For the golden teeths, their location is obvious. I've visited the near cemetery, tried to but the dog skeleton in the tumb (gave a reward), the three skulls from the alternate gnoll fortress in the three tumbs, do not know what to do with the big human skeleton... I know I need a protector + 1 necklace, but that's it, I found just two of five objects...

Could you help, provide a few hints?
It's not all for the same quest. The human skeleton is for a quest in Baldur's Gate city.

For Ormyrrs, I think you also needed a special crown that belongs to the Psychopath from Gnoll Stronghold. It's all in the journal entry to be honest:

Quote:Ormyrrs' Peak

I met two dead ormyrrs that... well... talked to me. They'd like me to find a star sapphire, some dark crown one of them lost nearby, the ring of princes, an amulet of protection, and golden teeth. A weird list. Then, I should place those on them in a specific way.
Was a long time I killed psychopath, and frankly I have quite a large number of mods, so I'm carrying a lot of items with no memory of where I found them!
Thanks for the clue!

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