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kiwidocThis may be a stupid question but what is a Chronomancer?
I was rechecking all the mods I could find (things to do on a slow day) and came across this again. Having swearched online in vain for a Chronomancer dexcription pon two occasions now I decided I better ask you.
What is a chronomancer? Where can I find a kit description?

i decided
"Chrono" stands for time Smile This is a mage specialized in time magic:

Quote:CHRONOMANCER: The chronomancer specializes in the magic that studies and controls the passage of time. While any regular mage can learn the most basic of time-manipulating spells, the chronomancer has mastered a unique branch of magic through focused study of time and its effects on all things. Even the forces of life and death themselves, which are intertwined with time, can be controlled with sufficient knowledge. The most powerful chronomancers are even capable of the truly enviable—and equally dangerous—power of time travel.
– May cast one additional spell per level.
– Gains the following arcane spells for free: Haste, Slow, Improved Haste, Time Stop.
– Gains the following unique spells as mage spells: Speedwalk, Stora's Flora Acceleration, Timestep, Timeheal, Rust Touch, Timeless Recall, Temporal Eye, Protection from Time Stop, Temporal Shell.
– When casting any chronomancy spell, there is a small chance the chronomancer's casting and movement rate will be increased by 2 for three rounds. This chance is a percentage equal to the spell's level multiplied by 4. (e.g. 4% for 1st level, 8% for 2nd level, and so on)
– May use the Slow Time special ability once per day.

SLOW TIME: The chronomancer slows down the flow of time in the area. For the duration, every round effectively passes half as quickly in terms of actions taken for all creatures except for the chronomancer. The effects last for two rounds, plus one additional round per 10 caster levels.

– May use the Paradox Explosion special ability once per day starting from 5th level. Extra uses are gained at 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th level.

PARADOX EXPLOSION: The chronomancer creates a singularity which detonates, disrupting the flow of time within a 15-ft. radius. All hostile creatures within the area of effect of the explosion take 2d12 crushing damage plus 1d4 magic damage per 2 caster levels and suffer a -2 penalty to movement rate and casting speed for 3 rounds. Allied creatures take no damage and gain a +2 bonus to movement rate and casting speed instead. This ability is highly taxing on the chronomancer and will disable their spellcasting for 3 rounds.

– Incurs a -2 penalty to Saving Throws vs. Conjuration and Necromancy.
– The chronomancer's body is weakened by time aberrations caused by their manipulation of time, suffering a -4 penalty to their maximum Consitution.
– Due to the difficulty in studying chronomancy, the chronomancer is slower to develop than other spellcasters, suffering a -5% penalty to all experience earned.

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This may be a stupid question but what is a Chronomancer?00