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MarvinTimeheart and Shadow Step
Hi Lava,

I found an unwanted (at least I guess it is unwanted...) overpowered combo.
When my shadow dancer uses Shadowstep, the Timeheart holder can freely move, attack, cast spell etc... for 7 seconds.

I don't know if there is a way to fix that, but it is clearly powerfull Big Grin
I don't think I know how to block it, clearly Shadowstep uses the same mechanic as Timestop. Shadow Dancer is a rare kit! Consider it as a bonus from me as it would be cool to see more of these in the game and at least one shadow dancer enemy!
There are Shodowdancers enemies in SOD, but it's long before we can actually access this dagger.
Big Grin
Right. Anyway, since shadowstep and timestop use the same mechanic, I guess it just has to work like that. Just be nice and don't exploit it too much! Wink

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