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FrenzgynA Specific question on compatibiliy which opens up a few general ones.
Hello, first things first: thank you! You're doing an awsome job with your mods.

I am trying to go for an EET install and of course I'd like to try many if not most of your mods,
I know you don't directly use/like EET, I am asking just because I am a bit confused (and overwhelmed by info atm): Faldorn BG2 is not compatible with EET, so awful things will happen if I install it, am I right?

I assume all the mod of yours tagged with "EET" are ok regardless of not yet being present in the list , in specific:

- Gahesh
- Verr'Sza for BG2EE (I suppose Verr'Sza BG2EE should be installed together with Verr'Sza BGEE to experience full content, right?)
- Bridge’s Block may be ok (need further testing).

I decided to ask directly because I've found someone trying a huge install with a list containing also Bristlelick, Of Heirlooms and Classes and Walahnan for BGEE, but no feedback.

Thanks in advance if you could share any info/opinion/hints.

Yep, I am not using EET myself thus it's usually someone else who is providing the EET compatibility. Those mods that use EET tag on my download website should be ok.

Faldorn, however, was never converted to work on EET as it is a pretty fresh mod and such compatibility usually comes with time. I think such things, as translations, should come when the mod is no longer an early version or an open beta.

Verr'Sza can be enjoyed together, BUT there is an option for those who'd rather play only BG2EE: you can tell this NPC it's the first time the two of you met, and then the BG1 / SoD events won't be addressed. However, I think the romantic path from BG1EE continued in BG2EE is the best to check out the mod as it includes 2 characters, not one.

I wouldn't install Bristle and Walahnan on EET - they were not yet made compatible and that can cause problems. Of Heirlooms and Classes wasn't tested on EET, but there is a chance it would work ok... but again, I can't promise that. This mod doesn't have chapter checks or any other complex stuff that would require many conversions to work on EET, but I may be missing something.
Thanks a lot for the reply!
I'm using Bristle und Walahnan in an EET installation. But of course they must be installed in BG1EE before the conversion is started. And both must be added in the compatibility.tpa of the EET (be found within the resources). 

You can give Faldorn a try in an EET installation. But not everything might be working. But I would guess that nothing "bad" might happen. If you want to play Faldorn in BG1 within your group you might experience strange things. But I have not looked into Faldorn yet (but I'm interessted in her Wink ).
BG2 mods require way more changes due to chapter numeration, Fate Spirit system, and a few other things so I would advise against using her in EET. There may be some other things, too.
Sure fate spirit is an issue, but the "wrong" chapters would be shifted to BG1/SoD. So triggers simply don't fire. You might get stuck in her quest or similar things but I would rate that it is possible to play the mod without ruining the game. One does not get all content but well, better than nothing.
You should watch out when assuming such things, in case of TotDG such little change can actually cut the whole quest from happening. And in Verr'Sza BG2EE it made Verr unplayable, as it would cause stutter bug and suddenly losing an NPC you dedicated yourself to romance / equip with perfect items is something more than just "you may miss some stuff" Wink
Hm, basically there is an reload option and stutter-debug, so things can be fixed. But I get your point. If one just wants to play a mod smoothly one should stay with the versions the mod is intended for. If one wants to try out things, you can do things like that. In comparison to some mods which cause your game to be completely unplayable there is a difference.
I do not mean to discourage you or anything Smile The thing is that... for example, BG2 NPCs in EET share one big dialogue file (J) for SoA and ToB. And if the mod includes SoA PIDs and you are in ToB, the triggers that were supposed to start ToB friendship talks start the SoA PIDs instead. To make it work properly it's best to add chapter checks for PIDs in SoA, otherwise, you end up with a nasty loop in ToB, and NPC becomes unplayable Smile Yeah, that won't make the game explode, but if that's a character with whom PC had a romance, a player may get really upset and I find it quite understandable Smile

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A Specific question on compatibiliy which opens up a few general ones.00