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PakitoReview and nasty bug found !
Dear Lava,

I am taking the opportunity to post in your forums to give you my review on L'anna and to submit a very nasty bug.

For the review (I am currently in Chapter 5 so I may have not experienced everything that you have planned) :
- L'anna is a very capable member of my team (good aligned team). Her kit is interesting, not OP but rather balanced. Her stats are fairly good.
- For the voicing : it is very good/well-made. I find her selection/action soundset a bit annoying (although it suits her character) so I have moved her from top position/leader of the group to 2nd member.
- All the texts/interactions with her are truly awesome, both in quantity and in quality. She definitely feels a real person, with her problems, doubts, feelings, what she likes/dislikes. I would not leave her out of my team ever !
- Her personal quest is very well-made and executed. The special effects were magnificent. Her personal weapon is very good but not OP so far (I do not know if there is a further upgrade later in the game).

So all in all, a definite 9/10 for a NPC, I thank you very much for this interesting and enjoyable NPC !

For the nasty bug :

It occurs in Lower Dorn's Deep, in the Hall of Heroes, in front of the Evayne statue. She has an interjection/comment on this statue when she approaches it. Unfortunately, at the end of the 3 part dialogue, she does it again and again !!!
So she is nearly stuck in place (you have barely the time to move/attack/do other things) and is stucking also my main character as she is talking to her.
It was also preventing me from fighting the rest of the monsters of the Hall and especially leaving the Hall to Wyrm's Tooth Glacier. Even when teleporting to a new zone, if she has seen the statue, she will be locked in this endless loop of conversation.
I tried to kick her out of my group but she does not have an option to go back to an Inn somewhere else, she just stays there (maybe consider it as an option ?).
So what I did in the end was to load a savefile at the entrance of the Hall of Heroes, do everything with my 5 other characters while leaving L'anna at the entrance, then teleport every member of my team in the next zone. It was the only work-around that I found so far.

But then again, thank you for this wonderful NPC !
Thanks for your feedback Smile I'm glad you're enjoying the mod and I hope you'll also like my other mods! Smile You have seen most of the essential talks, but there may be a few more here and there, but the first few chapters have more content because of her quest and struggles. But it doesn't mean she will stay completely quiet!

As for the bug: good catch! You're not an elf, right? That's when the bug happens. You need to activate the console and use this code:

The new version (v1.3) should be available today (however it will be only a fix for this specific bug).

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Indeed, my main NPC is a Half-Elf, you got me there ! ;-)

I have also tried your other mods and NPCs (especially Ina !!! I love what you did with her, it's outstanding !), I will of course write reviews later as well.
Haven't found any other bugs so far, so great job !

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