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LavaBridge's Block updates
Hey! I thought I would let you know that beta phase is finished, the mod is now available as 1.0 and it should also work with non-EE version of the game! (Thanks to Acifer!) Also, thanks to Morywen the mod is now available in German.
v1.2 is here and includes French translation by Deratiseur  Heart
Hi Lava, I did my mega mod install a while ago, so I have Bridge's Block v1.11 installed in BG2EE. Another interesting the mod! I love the Mumbling skull spell/buff bot!! (It does stack for about 1s "between" each round, however, giving a +6 bonus!)

I noticed these minor issues:
I can finalize the Mr. Rat quest without the Apple in inventory: I had it briefly in inventory while outside near Bel, but put it back in the container by Bel because I didn't know what to do with it when I started the new game. Then, after talking to Mr. Rat, I clicked on him again and the quest finalized and I got the reward!
I could not find the Man in Red (the guy outside near the south house in the Bridge district) - perhaps because I did the gravedigger/Eglea quest a long time prior to trying to solve the Bridge's Block Monster quest? So the main quest is hanging at that point. Could I CLUA the man in red - the one specific to your quest?
Just my 2-cents: your mods are excellent but I find there to be too much gold lying around, so I just leave it.

Thanks for yet another well integrated mod!
Good catch! That was a stupid one, I simply forgot to add a trigger (condition) in Mr. Rat's dialogue. I fixed it already as this was way less complex than what you reported for Southern Edge and took like 2 minutes... Those in SE will require a bit more than that + I will require an actual test. 

As for the man in red:
it's not the same man as the one from the graveyard quest. It just uses the same shirt color. The man in red from this mod is somewhere in the Bridge's Block. HOWEVER, those rooms are darker than the outdoor areas red won't be as bright, probably with darkish light, it may be a bit red-brown.
Hi Lava, I have finished playing the Athkatlan Grounds series, Foundling, Innershade and The White Queen on BG2EE.
Thanks for the hint about the man in red for the Bridge's Block!

The mods ran flawlessly except for the couple of bugs/issues I posted over the past few month. FYI these are the journal entries that are still left:
Foundlings main quest: last entry: we found the ritual sword…
You can't escape the past: last entry: to get antidote to heal…
The White Queen's Palace Demon: last entry: I met a Demon: I had the Head in inventory but via the dialog with him, I decided to fight instead.

The Angry Man mini-quest: the Crate was still left in my inventory after finalizing.

Wow, interesting mods, especially the detective work needed to solve the Bridge's Block, and I can't wait to do them again next mega mod install!
Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you liked them! Smile

Is the Bridge Block mod finished or is more content planned for it? Great mod btw, I like how natural it feels like compared to many other BG2 quest mods.
There will be no more content for that mod, it's just smaller than others. Cheers!
Hello, Lava.
I took the time to fix the little bug with the chest that could not be open, the one containing the Wand of Monster Summoning in Lion's room. I remember it was mentioned somewhere else, maybe Bdog forums.
By the way, if it could spare you a few minuts of editing once you need to update the mod, here's the file:

Actually, I might have had a ready fix, but I delayed uploading it for way too long. Sorry.
It's up and sorry for all the time it took!
Well, no need to be sorry, btw, thanks for all your mods!
Thanks and you're welcome!

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