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HammeriteQuestions about Yvette
Hi, Lava.

I'm currently planning a complete run of BG1/2 and, since I like planning the party and companions before starting, I'm considering trying Yvette. I tried the mod many years ago and, if I remember correctly, Spoiler:

She only becomes a proper member of the group once you reach spellhold, right?

I'm gonna try a run with a small party of 3 to 4 (max), charname included. My planned party lacks a cleric/thief role so I was thinking about adding her and, if it goes well, trying her romance. This brings me another question: Does she has the majority of her content locked, so to speak, behind her romance? For her description I imagine the answer is yes but I want to know if I can add her and enjoy some non-romance content in case I decided to try another romance instead.
She becomes a normal NPC after a few "talks with the parchment" so just a couple of days after purchasing the item.

Also, she stays in the party ONLY if you romance her, that's why it's called Yvette Romance rather than Yvette NPC. Romance takes an important part in her story (I don't want to spoil more, but... there is a reason for that ). There are a few moments in the game when she leaves permanently if you fail the relationship. So it's mostly like keep her around and romance her OR don't take her at all.

I coded it so many years ago... that's why I always have this "I hope all's going to work properly" when I find out someone's trying to check this mod out, huh.
Thank you for the answers. I suspected it was not the case regarding what I mentioned in the spoiler. I remembered something important happening in
Spellhold's maze
when I tried the mod years and years ago but I wasn't sure what was it.
It's true, something important happens there, but she joins the team way before it Smile
What race, class, and alignment are Yvette?  Put them in spoiler blocks if need be.  I ask since I may want to include her.

She is a neutral good human cleric / thief (but she does level up us a thief anymore, she has just 4 levels as a thief, but you may still boost her stats a bit with items). Remember, though, that she will only stay in the group if romanced.

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