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LavaFaldorn BG2EE - basic information and download
Welcome back Faldorn, the Shadow Druid, who may now join your group in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. However, you should remember that she’s a wild one and won't be as peaceful as most druids. On the contrary: she's the wild spark that may start a great fire.

Faldorn can join the party after her original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn plot. Once you finish the Trademeet quests and become the town's hero, wait for a day or two, and you will be approached by another druid. He will ask you to return to the Druid Grove because something bizarre has happened.

Faldorn has 3 small quests in SoA and 1 small quest in ToB. Furthermore, she may be romanced by males and females of any chaotic alignment with a Strength of 13 or higher and a Constitution of 11 or higher. All these conditions must be met to develop a romantic relationship with Faldorn. However, keep in mind she's not exactly a warm and kind character, and it's reflected in all of her talks.

Nice ! Did you follow up a little the Faldorn personnality in BG1 NPC Project (where she is also so wild that Shapeshifter felt almost the best kit for her), or is this mod your very own interpretation of her ?

Also, I was wondering if you planned to add this kit to Faldorn in BG1 ?

Faldorn could be a great addition to an evil / neutral party I have in mind : a Shadow Monk from Shadow Magic mod, Korgan, Viconia, Vienxay from Skitia and Foundling.
Let's put it that way: I skimmed Fadorn in BG1 NPC Project, but I am not a fan of how she's written. Those sudden howls and some dialogues... they felt a bit too much for me. There shouldn't be any problems with compatibilities between BG1 NPC Project's Faldorn and my Faldorn story-wise, but she may sound different in my mod. Someone wild, but also someone who was capable to take the control over the Druid's Grove.

I'm not planning to add the class to BG1 right now. Also I felt that she became the Fury (the kit in short) somewhere in between, when she became stronger and helped to stop the Iron Throne. That's how I see it Smile

Keep in mind that she still needs some crossmod content, but yeah, I think she should work well with that team Smile
That's exactly how I see it too. BG1 NPC Project was a little too wild for my taste.

And storywise it makes sense that she gain her new kit after some events.

I know there is still some crossmod to wait for, but for now I'm enjoying lastest version of SotSC with a good party I planned to move to BG2.
I kinda hoped to create Faldorn that could be something else that a crude beast while still having that... spark inside her... and a feeling that spark can actually start a fire.
Anyway, I hope you'll like her once you get to play the mod Smile

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