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LavaWinter Releases 2021
Do you still remember that in the previous years we had some releases at the Weasel Mods forum, just before the winter holidays? Wouldn't it be great if it became a sort of... tradition? Well, I'm happy to announce that I'd love to see it happen, so... yep, the “Winter Releases 2021" event starts today!

You'll get a total of 5 releases, starting today. They'll include new mod versions and... who know? Maybe even something entirely new?

Sometimes the announcement will include just one mod, while others may include two.

Let's get it started!

Here's the full list:

DAY 1: Weasels! v3.1 | Walahnan BG2EE v0.92
DAY 2: Faldorn BG2EE v0.91
DAY 3: AG: The Tangled Oak Isle v2.26 | AG: The Ooze's Lounge v2.92
DAY 4: AG: The Bridge's Block v0.91
DAY 5: SotSC v6.5 | Bristlelick v2.0

Stay safe, Everyone! Smile
DAY 1: Weasels! v3.1 and Walahnan BG2EE v0.92

We're starting with small but wholesome updates! Weasels! v3.1 is now available, and it includes improved Cespenar talks and new animations for weasels, so they will no longer look like squirrels! Nope, weasels deserve something better! Sorry, squirrels, but that's the truth!

That's not all: you may now download Walahnan BG2EE v0.92. The update fixes a bug in which Walahnan would appear only if you take Nalia's Keep as your stronghold. Moreover, it includes improvements for the final ToB talks and interjections.

Weasels! v3.1 | Walahnan BG2EE v0.92

DAY 2: Faldorn BG2EE is now available!

Welcome back Faldorn, the Shadow Druid, who may now join your group in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. However, you should remember that she’s a wild one and won't be as peaceful as most druids. On the contrary: she's the wild spark that may start a great fire.

Faldorn can join the party after her original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn plot. Once you finish the Trademeet quests and become the town's hero, wait for a day or two, and you will be approached by another druid. He will ask you to return to the Druid Grove because something bizarre has happened.

Faldorn has 3 small quests in SoA and 1 small quest in ToB. Furthermore, she may be romanced by males and females of any chaotic alignment with a Strength of 13 or higher and a Constitution of 11 or higher. All these conditions must be met to develop a romantic relationship with Faldorn. However, keep in mind she's not exactly a warm and kind character, and it's reflected in all of her talks.

Day 3: The Tangled Oak Isle and The Ooze's Lounge mods updates available!

Winter Releases 2021 continue! This time we offer you the updates of two Athkatlan Grounds projects: The Tangled Oak Isle and The Ooze's Lounge. Both updates include fixes of few items introduced in these mods! So grab these new versions and enjoy!

AG: The Tangled Oak Isle v2.26 | AG: The Ooze's Lounge v2.92
Day 4: Athkatlan Grounds - The Bridge's Block

A new Athkatlan Grounds mod is here! It's smaller than the other mods from the series, but it may still offer something new. A little, quest - an investigation, as the Block's caretaker believes she saw a strange monster roaming the halls. Is that true, or was it only a figment of her imagination?

AG: The Bridge's Block v0.91
DAY 5: SotSC and Bristlelick updates

And finally, we have two more updated mods: Shades of the Sword Coast (my quest mod that adds the total of 36 quest to BG1EE and SoD) and Bristlelick (a companion mod, adds a gnoll bruiser to BG1EE and SoD)!

The first of the two got many many many text fixes provided by Altotas, implemented by Soul, and Bristlelick... well, that one got tons of fixes, tweaks, traification. So from now on Bristlelick is no longer evil, but neutral (to match his dialogues properly) and the mod in general should work much better on BG1EE and SoD.

SotSC v6.5 | Bristlelick v2.0

And that would be all for the Winter Releases 2021, folks! I hope you had some fun and that you'll enjoy the nw mods and the updates. Happy Winter Holidays! Stay safe!

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