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Thacobell0d6 Damage?
So, the slime sling that fire's +2 acid bullets that you get from the slime priest has its damage listed as 0d6 acid damage. Pretty sure that's a bug.
Probably, thanks. Will check it out next time I am updating Ooze's Lounge Smile
Just checked the description of the sling in game, and it says it does 1d6+2acid damage. As, I'm getting just the acid damage and 1 damage that comes from proficiencies.
I checked and it's correct: this sling should cause only acid damage damage when used without bullets. It says "Damage: 1d6+2 (acid)" which says everything is acid, no other type of damage is mentioned. It's not "Damage: 1d6 (missile) +2 (acid)". And missile damage is set on the bullets themselves - check bull01.itm to check it.

0d6 is the sling damage (missile), while acid damage is introduced in "Item ability" => "Effect 0" (if you're using NI) or first effect on the list, if you're using DLTCEP to check the item file.
Okay, so I just misunderstood. The way its written threw me off. Since weapons like Varscona will have "1d8 damage +1 ice" and the 1d8 will be slashing with just the additional being ice damage.
Varscona has:

Quote:Damage: 1d8+2, +1 cold damage

Damage type: Slashing

So the "damage type" is there for that. If damage type is not there, the damage is fully as the damage line says Smile

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