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ThacobellCrashing Bug?
I encountered a bug where BG2 2.6.6 hard crashed on a quick load. Bubb looked at the dump for me, and apparently the game was trying run a script for a creature not present. This happened in the Planar Sphere.

In Bubbs words, "The script trigger for "CombatCounter()" is attempting to be used on a creature that has not been added to an area yet." The creature's name is L#2SDSKIE. Which is why I'm thinking of your Skie mod. Does that look familiar to you at all? Not sure if it matters, but after the crash, every single save game would then crash a couple seconds after loading, like the game was constantly trying to pull the script even though I loaded from an earlier point and different saves.

This has only occured twice, but when it did, every single save I had would crash seconds after loading, I'm more than a little nervous to try and reproduce. More info as requested:

This happened both times after quickloading, and in the planar sphere. The first time was after hitting a trap, re-load and crash. Had to go back to a save from a couple hours ago. The second time I was trying to speedrun the sphere, when an entire encounter didn't spawn. Quickloaded, and crashes again. This time, every save was ruined (about 8 saves). As for the Skie quest, I had rescued her and she had already appeared at an inn after resting. She was not in my party, but went to the promenade according to her dialogue. I waited in the inn until she left to make sure she fully de-spawned. I noted my game version above, I had never seen this error in 2.5.
Ah, so this happened after the main quest. There is nothing I can see that would lead me to any answer. CombatCounter(0) in baldur.bcs is used for the messenged from Baldur's Gate, but if you already met Skie, that already happened.

Other CombatCounter(0) is used if Skie is in the party (for her friendship dialogues etc). I did not add anything in the Planar Sphere, so I think the area may be nothing else but a coincidence... I do not even know in what direction I should been looking. If anyone has any idea... I would be happy to hear it Sad

Perhaps I'll have a run myself, but I may need a moment to do that due to RL stuff.
Yeah, met the messenger, Skie's not in party. I have no idea what could potentially cause this in the mod itself. Never noticed any major bugs when using it in previous runs. The only possible thing I can think of is if something was changed in 2.6's scripting. There is a bit of precedent for this, I had a hilarious bug in BG1 with the endless BG mod. What its supposed to do is make the transition to SoD player initiated. So you can play and clean up quests after killing Sarevok. 2.6 added failsafe script that turns the entire Duchal Palace hostile after Sarevok dies. Dunno if a new script could be causing this wonkery.
I'll keep my eyes open. Feel free to invite Bubb here, perhaps he will have some more ideas.
It is happening again. I was able to continue before after quickly changing areas before the crash. Seemed to work for a couple hours with no problems. Now its crashing too fast to pull that off, even with an auto save right at a map exit. I seem to remember there being 2 encounters with the messenger from Baldur's Gate, right? I never saw her the second time. Maybe the game is trying to run her script in places she can't appear and its causing the crash? Is there a console command I could type in to set the messenger variable to whatever it would be after all meetings?
Thacobell  - but you don't have Skie in the party, right?
(10-09-2021, 06:30 PM)Lava Wrote: Thacobell  - but you don't have Skie in the party, right?

Nope, she never joined. I was hoping I could manually set a variable to stop the script from trying to run.
But the 2nd visit happens only with Skie in the party and after a couple of friendship talks:



Since she was never in the party, her friendship can't be set to 2 or 3 + as you can see, she must be in the party. That's the problem, even if that's not some incompatibility between mods, I can't give you the variable as we don't know what script could possibly make this happen. It doesn't look like it's this as at least one condition isn't met: her presence in the party.

If you want, you can send me a savegame that's happening right before the crash so I could see if it's going to happen on my game, but use a PM with a link to the zip. And make sure it's not happening on any other mod's area.
So, I am just cursed apparently. Something wiped my weidu log, so as far as weidu is concerned, the game is unmodded. Which means I can't uninstall mods to see what might be messed up in the install. I have no Idea what could even cause this, I've never heard of it happening before. Which I don't know how to prevent it from happening again, either.
I found Skie! She's just hanging out in an obscure corner of Bohdi's place. Not sure why whatever happened put her there.
I think the script got bugged somehow. I think you can consider it a really out of luck happening, not a standard behavior Smile I'm glad you managed to get rid of the problems and huge thans to Bubb for helping you Smile
Yeah, that was insane.

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