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rusty-tomBug Report
I found an item called Dark Ore.
The description says:
"This unusual dark ore looks like some kind of metal, but you are not able to tell what exactly it is. Perhaps a skilled blacksmith could turn it into something useful." L#FFSW1
Talking to Conlan gave no option referring to that item. The only other smith is a long way to come.
The dwarf Tiernon in Heart of Winter
Did I miss something?
You need something else so Conlan could react to it. It's not like having an ore is too little for him to offer you something. It's like with wood - you can do many things using it. There is a different item and once you find it, Conlan will tell you that to make item X true, he's going to need special ore.
Ok, I've done everything but HoW and TotL now and I'm just about to confront Poquelin (heading upstairs in that Ilmater temple)
I'm still missing a few components.
L#FFDA3 Broken dagger
L#FFMS2 The Earthstar's head
L#FFPA1 Damaged Chain Mail
L#FFSW2 Warm ruby
Did I miss those on my way or are they to be found in HoW?

Furthermore I have an item called Cosmic Ambergris (L#KUPOTU) in my inventory but no idea where to use it.
I guess it could be somehow connected to Halahnavoral (L#KUPOT3) - maybe to improve it, but I've seen no hint how
If only I remembered where I placed every item Tongue
But yes, HoW and TotLM also include components and you may only forge some items if you move the expansions. It's how How and TotLM are handled - that's why the shaman is there to Kuldahar: so you could go there before the final fight.

As for the Halahnavoral
there are different versions of that item and you may actually destroy it and then use the Great Forge in Dorn's Deep (the one before the Lich) to reforge it back. It's going to have different abilities. I think there are 3 versions of that items, some of them are kinda like secrets.
I won't tell more, because: a) I do not remember everything;  b) many players like to uncover such secrets on their own.
I found all 4 missing items in HoW and TotL Big Grin
Hope you'll have fun with them! Smile
I need to see Conlan before using them, quite a way to go.
Therefore I think about installing the Magic Store of Vergadain mod from Argent77 which I found in a forum.
You have any experience with that mod?
Nope, but Argent77 is a very good modder, so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't try it out Smile

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