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LavaKhalid BG2 - basic information and download
The mod allows players to decide who is going to stay with them for the entire Baldur's Gate 2: EE and ToB game. It places Khalid near Jaheira's cage. Help him, and Jaheira will become unavailable as she will be the one taken away by Irenicus, and Khalid will be the one to mourn her. Help Jaheira, and Khalid will suffer his original fate. Make your choice and... well... live with the consequences.

The mod includes a new portrait, voicing, a friendship path, new versions of Baron Ployer and trouble with the Harpers quests, new items and even a chance for Khalid to get his own kit after the Underdark.

There is no romance, but instead, there’s a little new non-romantic path for male NPCs: a new take on the brotherhood relationship I once tried to write for a different NPC. It's a deep, yet non-romantic friendship triggered by Khalid's difficult relationship with his half-brothers in Calimshan and Bhaalspawn's not-very-brotherly relationship with Sarevok and their lack of a father. Female PCs get something too - a special gift Jaheira found during the times of the Crusade and gave to Khalid, hoping they would one day give it to their leader together.


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