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DeratiseurThis mod on BG2EE?
your mods for IWD are really cool. Couldn't you adapt them for BG2EE ?
Nope. This is not going to happen. I created those with IWD in mind and I don't want my IWD mods to be something that can be played on different games. These are IWD quests and they should be played in IWD.

Many of them already reffer to my other BG2 mods: Eyeblinker is a merchant from Ooze's Lounge and The Night of Blinking Dead is like a introduction to when he actually started his shop. The item from Tale of Our Lady Dreamless is introduced in BG1EE during a quest in SotSC and is described as something that used to belong to the Hero of Icewind Dale.

Dendjelion is also mentioned in SotSC, but it's not as obvious as other things.

So nope, these events happen in different times and are designed for different games that happen in different moments of history of Forgotten Realms. Plus, finally there is any reason to enjoy IWD EE. You can finally see new stories and enjoy them Smile

Thanks for your kind words, though! Smile

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