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VenBug reports
(05-06-2022, 11:38 AM)Lava Wrote: Weird... will take a look at this once I'm updating the mod! Thanks!

I've also still got his body! Not even Urchin's mom wanted it.
Maybe she wasn't hungry?

(But honestly, you completed the quest once you talked to the living cousin, the bug is just the missing TakePartyItem command and probably a typo in the script that should have erased the journal entry)
I ran into a funny bug (?) / feature (?) where using the Tome of Stars on a halfling lvl 18 fighter/21 swashbuckler resulted in a Save vs Spells of 254 (20). Maybe because my Save vs Spell was already 0 before using the tome?
Maybe? Even if, that's an engine thing I am unable to fix.

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