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ArconianL'anna bug thread

I enjoy Lava's mods a lot and recently started an IWD run with L'ana in my party. I ran into a bug and instead of making a bug thread I PM'd Lava himself. The bug was that I can't go back into the Kuldahar pub without L'ana disappearing and becoming non-targetable.

This was the solution Lava gave me and I hope this thread will help other players Big Grin

"This is not a stupid question. You simply have found a bug. I made a mistake in the code. To fix it locally use console and paste this code:

If you do not know how to use the console, then here's the instruction - it's the same for BG2EE and IWD EE, you just make changes in the right directory:" <---------Lava's reply in quotes.

Happy playing all and thank you Lava for the quick reply and fix, I tested it and it works!

Thank you, it may be really good to keep the reply here. It's going to help other players who may be experiencing similar bugs. However, I'm planning to fix this thing quite soon, perhaps on the weekend Smile

And thanks for giving my mods a chance!

PS. I fixed the thread name as there was a typo in it.

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