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UrekBerries for the cook
Where can I find berries for the cook? I tried creating ones with druid spell but it didn't work.
It (the Good Berries spell) should work, but remember you need 20 berries in your inventory. The check is:

Thank you, one of the spell mods changed berries and I couldn't give them.
Let me know what spell mod that was, if you know! Smile Glad it helped.
I run across the same problem. I produced 20 GoodBerrys with Nella (being a fighter/druid), but they were in 2 stacks of 10, not in one of 20. = No reaction from the cook. Unfortunately I did not know, what to do with the check mentioned in the post above.
So I used the console (CreateItem), which gave me a stack of 20, which the cook recognized at once.
Are you using some mod that modifies this spell?
(09-12-2021, 08:46 PM)Lava Wrote: Are you using some mod that modifies this spell?
Apart from cdtweaks V9.0 and cdtweaks-helper nothing I can think of. The only exe-file I cannot explain is oalinst.exe.
And actually installed, besides those mentioned and your mods, only the IWDNPC-mod, the IWDCrossmodPack and the MinorNPCPortraitsforIWDEE.
Version of the game is v2.6.6.0 from GOG.

Just now I used the EE-Keeper and the Berries created by the spell are "GOODBER", while those which I created via console and then worked are "GBERRY".
GOODBER heal 5 hp as the GBERRY heal only 1, so there is in fact a modification to this spell.
Thanks you for this detailed response Smile I'll add a check for the alternative berries in the next version Smile

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