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LavaNew version - The Rediscovery of Kuldahar
Hi, everyone! Version 1.1 is now available. It includes a Polish translation by norQ and a map marker fix! Enjoy! Smile
Version 1.3 is here!

- Added French translation by Deratiseur 
- Better introduction for Kuldahar's scout
- Fixed unreachable chest in scout's cave
- Fixed Kuldahar's scout staying outside his cave
- Fixed Parama (who should no longer stay in the inventory once the quest is finished)
- Fixed Jinf's item being stuck in your inventory even when the quest is finished
- Fixed few typos / mistakes in the English version of the text (thanks to Deratiseur for spotting them)
- Fixed "A Girl That Wants to Climb" journal entry that would be marked in the journal as unsolved even once the quest is done

Thanks for yet another French translation Deratiseur Smile
The new version is up! V2.0 is now available!

- New quest: Upper Kuldahar, which includes new map icon, a new area to explore with a new enemy to defeat
- Mod structure update, that covers new resources and new content, as well as some reorganization of the mod
- Improved item creation (they should now be created in the inventory of that companion that talked with the character)
- Whitcomb text fix
The new version is up!

- Added Russian translation by paladin84, Andrey88 & zsh2009
- Fixed "Lure" journal entry bug
- Improved experience points for finishing the quests

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New version - The Rediscovery of Kuldahar00