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mausFeedback on Gahesh
Well, he just joined the group, so not much to say yet. Doing his quest was more or less ok. Nothing to complicated but not trivial, that is well, ok. 

But he joined with 1.3 M XP. And no one in the groupe has reached 1 Mio XP yet. Some of his selected spells are questionable from gameplay characteristics but I guess they fit to his abilities and preferences. 

Regarding his body item: 
I guess it should be "only usable by: Gahesh" and not "not usable by: Gahesh". And usually the game uses AE and not BE, therefore "Armour class" looks unfamiliar. If you change the description anyhow, you might change this, too?

Two items with reduction of casting time is also quite powerful. And I like his halberd staff.

So let's check how he moves along with the rest of the group.

And he really talks quite a lot. Well the readme says, he is more quiet before Brynnlaw which is hard to believe Wink
There has been an issue with Gahesh. I took my first rest. Got a slayer dream, afterwards a bathtube event with Minsc, then the talk with Gahesh when he invites me to smoke with him. After that I rested and Jaheira returned to the group and joined the group and I had to kick someone (doesn't matter whom). After that, the inventory of Gahesh was greyed out and he was too busy for dialogues and could not move, etc. One might call that character freeze. 

Don't know if this was an issue with just Gahesh or an overall "too much" from the resting scene...

I solved the issue by kicking out Minsc before resting (therefore no bathing anymore) and everything went like it should be. But I didn't trigger the dialogue with Gahesh about smoking. Instead I got a different dialogue with him after Jaheira joined the group and Imoen said her comment on my dream. So let's see what happens when the smoking conversation is triggered next time...
Oh, I suppose that indeed there's a lot happening at once. I'm starting to wonder if you're not trying too many mods at once! Big Grin

Hmm, that XP may be much, but if you're using the new version, then it's also because before I released the big update of the mod, he was available later in the game (in Brynnlaw). I think I've decided to keep that XP, because I don't have the first file I once made (with less XP) and I've decided to keep that as a kind of balancing out his unchangeable armor. You know, he's never going to wear the Robe of Vecna or many other armors that can be considered better than his original armor.
Well, next rest the dialogue of Gahesh triggert and everything was normal.
Happy to hear that! Smile

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