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mausFeedback, Bugs und Typos
Oh. Well, will look at that, but it's such a small thing I will just wait with it for a bigger update. Cheers.
Hi, I noticed that with 20 charisma and 20 reputation, you can buy items for less gold than you're selling them with the kobold merchant in FAI, so you could make infinite gold just by selling and buying again.
He has a bit better buying/selling prices for you, as you helped him. If you stack everything, then... sure, you can abuse it. It's a small thing and if someone wishes to use that trick, abuse it, it's up to them. Same as with "recharging" wands.

As for now, I do not plan on changing that, if someone on the other hand wants to produce gold that way... well, it's up to them, I guess Smile
Yes, I will not use it personally.
Still I wonder, where does he found all this gold ? Tongue
Maybe he's like a tiny dragon.
Since I went to all the trouble of creating an account, I wanted to say that I have loved these mini-quests so far. They feel like vanilla content in the best possible way and liven up an old game.

I still prefer BG to BG2 for the exploration and this mod brought back that sense of finding new things in strange places! I haven't completed all of these quests, as I can't seem to get past Nashkel before redoing my mod list or order, but the ones I've played through so far have been great.
I'm glad you're having nice time with the mod Smile You may also want to add a new mod that Acifer released. I've been helping him with the mod lately and now you can also try it out Smile

This is probably pretty obscure since you aren't supposed to be in the Candlekeep crypts before a certain point. However, if you have the tweak that lets you raid it early, the barrel you meet in the desert shows up and says dialog that is a bit premature. You might consider putting a chapter check on it.

In this run, the barrel is already there, so I may not interact with it until the correct chapter, but I thought I would point it out.

As an aside, if you do patch it, could you also patch the premature journal entry when you enter the library portion?
Sorry, but this will be super low on my list. I don't even know where such a tweak comes from, to be honest. And I don't know what journal entry you are speaking of. If some original one, it is for that tweak to deal with it.
I was referring to the journal entry when Tethtoril spirits you away to the keep basement, and yeah, it's unrelated vanilla content.

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