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mausFeedback, Bugs und Typos
Sorry, but I don't think I'll do that. The game and mods introduce many creatures that are modified in a way and adding some comment like that as if this was some other purpose than being a little challenge would stand out, and is not a good way. This creature already has a really weird name that should suggest he's not a normal xvart.
Excellent mod(s). Just wanted to say thanks. Currently using at least 15 of your mods on my eet playthrough
I'm glad you're having fun with them! Cheers! Smile
Just made an account to say: Thank you so much. You made the Sword Coast a place full of mystery and wonder again. I've been turning every stone, talking to every NPC and opening every container looking for more quests and easter eggs, and everywhere I find exciting new stuff! And it's all so well written and with so much heart to it! Love love love it! I've played this game countless times since it originally came out and this mod manages to make it feel fresh again.

Thanks from the bottom of my nerdy heart <3
Oh, thank you so much for your kind words! Heart

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Feedback, Bugs und Typos00