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mausWhite and CrossMod
Well, I noticed that White has some allergies. Thinking about Grey (the dog) and Haiass (whom I only know by name) this somehow looks like there should be some reaction from White if one of the dogs is travelling with the party. 

But if you are thinking to do something, please put it in a separate component as Grey should be installed for several reasons after all the other NPC mods. Or ask Jastey to put into the Grey mod...
That's certainly something I can think about, but White may need to wait for his turn, as there are some other projects that really need some of my attention. Still, thanks for sharing though thought!
Other question: I noticed that both White and VerrSza have a crossmod component with the other one. Is this the same dialogues? Because at least I remember that both don't have a separate crossmod-component so one would only get one of the crossmod talks.
IIRC this one is the same talk. I may have added them in both mods to make sure the install order won't matter Smile (but it's just one small banter so... it's nothing big.)

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White and CrossMod00