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konvaProgress stuck
Hey, first of all, great work with your other mods. Did the inn below, skineater (was awesome), now doing the tale of our lady... I killed wolves, explored huts, talked to the dude, found crack, it opens hole which I think its the way, but cant enter it. Any suggestions how to continue? I play on android, so I can only transfer save to PC and edit, or if you know how to open console on mobile..? Smile
many thanks Smile
Hey! I replied to this at BD Forums Smile
Once you are done with everything on the top, use code C:MoveToArea("L#UF12") to teleport yourself inside with the console. Here is information on how to activate it on the PC:

Clear the level of the area as you would normally enter it from the east, but code will teleport you to the western part, very close to the entrance to the deeper part of the underground complex.

Then, just continue the quest normally. If there is a problem with the entrance on your install, you may need to teleport there with the code every time you want to enter the hole in the ice.
I have the issue with progress stuck, which NPC should be talked to in Kuldahar when I have the ice? I talked to everyone, but there was no dialogue about it.
You should talk to Oswald Smile
Oh, it seems that when you want to give gnome tools to Oswald there is no dialogue option for the quest, don't know if it's general bug or one caused by multiplayer game.
Weird... will take a look at this next time I'm updating the mod.

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