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LavaBristlelick - information and download
The mod adds an NPC - gnoll bruiser, a former bandit who worked for Garclax, a gnoll you may also encounter in the original game, during the investigation of the Bandit Camp. Bristlelick is a frontline warrior of evil character. He enjoys battle, a fine meal, and seeks vengeance for killing his trusted companion, Bull-Tall.
The mod includes a series of timed talks and some scenery talks and a set of his personal items. To make him fit well into the concept, he also receives his very own kit.
The NPC may be joined near the rocky road on the Bandit Camp area (AR1900). In Siege of Dragonspear he may join the team near the first camp (BD1000).

Cool concept.

Is he compatible w/ non-EE (BGT)?
No. As I said, I no longer create mods with older engines in mind, I don't even have the non-EE game versions. I try my best to keep compatibility for the older mods, but I am not creating stuff for non-EE games anymore. Even if someone wanted to help with that, this specific mod uses actions, conditions, opcodes, and functions that do not exist/work in the old releases.
I recruited Bristlelick in SoD (did not meet him in BG1). He has only 64k (and the group has much more). And being Level 7 he has only 5 weapon points distributed (2 Halberd, 2 Two-handed weapon, 1 Bastard Sword). Should be 6 of them... 

Well I did not plan to travel with him, I will save that for an evil group Wink

And none of his weapons can be removed. Especially for the sling this is a bit disappointing.
Hmm, it looks like I forgot to add the usual SoD script blocks that check XP upon joining the character and adds XP if the difference is significant. Will add it later.

As for weapon points and item availability: he is an unusual NPC. There was never supposed to be a gnoll NPC and that has consequences. For example, gnolls have only 2-3 weapon animations and other weapons will never show on the animations. We (along with AionZ) and sadly, it is impossible to add a restriction that would let him use only 2-3 weapon types. Sadly, that is an engine thing  that's impossible to skip Sad

However, notice that exactly for this reason, his main weapon is pretty OP. In SoD it's a +3 (but strikes as +4 so there is no enemy that he is unable to hit), and deals 1d10+3 (plus strength and he is really strong, so lots of damage). And now look at THAC0: the weapon gives +3, then you get additional THAC0 from the special property of the item, that says:

"When Bristlelick's Hit Points drop below 50%, he receives +1 THAC0; the bonus becomes even greater when his wounds become more serious: it improves to +2 THAC0 when Hit Points drop below 25% and then +4 when his Hit Points drop below 10% of the maximum value."

...that means you can get up to +7 THAC0 when Bristle is near death. That's already kinda much and now add all the bonuses that come with his strength again, so... yeah... That's a quite huge recommendation for the restrictions.

The new version, once I upload it, will include the SoD XP blocks, but I highly advise against playing just SoD, without knowing his story introduced in the original campaign.
In the OC he's on the Bandit Camp area, near the road (western part of the map). However you need to join him before dealing with one of the bandits from the camp, otherwise, he'll just leave. That bandit is a part of his story and quest.
maus - just uploaded v1.1. It includes:
- Fixed SoD starting XP bug
- Added +2 THAC0 for Bristle's personal sling
- Improved Bristle's mane
The talk with Bristle about burying Bull-tall started while fighting. Seems you missed a CombatCounter(0) when initiating the dialogue. I think this happened more often but I can't recall which dialogues were triggered... 

Another suggestion: What about making his halberd in BG1 to strike as a +3 weapon? There is a certain golem around... and he can't use another weapon. 

And a more general issue: I am a bit confused about his name. In the beginning of our relationship he told me about his real name (Fharg or similar) and that he doesn't like Bristlelick. But afterwards when talking about himself he always refers to himself as Bristlelick. For myself this is not consistent... (but difficult to change now Wink ).
Will check those triggers and will think about his weapon.

About his name - he said:
Quote:~So... Bristlelick is how they call me. But mother named me Fhargh. My former pack called me Bristlelick, because of... a story that marked me. But we not speaking about it now! You are here because of bandits. And all the groups that help them! Yes?~
so it doesn't mean that he dislikes it, but he suggests it's not something he wants to talk about right away. The story behind his name is mentioned at some point, but only if he trusts you and you have a good relationship. You need to earn his trust. The story is something personal and it reminds him of some things that happened.
I'm not sure what was the last talk you had and what you know already. But if there are more parts that you feel are confusing, let me know.
You are right. He does not say that he does not like the name. It is just the impression I got when he was changing the subject that he does not like the story about the name. 

So we will see. We had quite some conversation already but I'm looking forward for more.
Sure Smile Note that at the crucial point he may only give a hint about story being personal, BUT if you are his very good friend, he'll tell you the whole story Smile
Have fun!

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