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LavaBeta now available
Hi! The very first beta of the SotSC is now available! Looking for new quests for your next BGEE run? This mod may offer you some nice new things of all sorts (quest, items, shops, areas...)

Download the mod
Wow! Thank you so much for your work and congratulations on the release!  Smile
Our team of translators is already preparing to translate the mod into Russian, but for now we will wait for it to exit the beta stage, as the texts may change.
Thanks, Austin Smile Yep, wait for a moment, because who knows - maybe I will improve something or add an item or two. Everything depends on how it's going to be received and if I get any new ideas before I decide the final version should be prepared.

Meanwhile... just give it a run and let me know if you like it!

Beta continues! And by that I mean... an update! And it's a BIG ONE. Yeah, that's probably the biggest update I have ever prepared. List of changes:

- Added a new quest: "Cult of the Dargon"
- Added a new quest: "Apex Predator"
- Added a new quest: "Friend Like No Other"
- Added a new encounter: "Rovo, the Unlikely Hero"
- Added a better Energy of Planar Shades icon bam
- Added a new quest hint in "Kobolds Dream Too"
- Added a new quest hint in "Carnival and the Missing Brother"
- Added a new line in a "Beetles, Dreams and an Old Man" dialogue
- Added interjection / NPC comments
- Extended "Kobolds Dream Too": Zee may now appear in SoD
- Fixed a dialogue bug in "Into the Womanhood"
- Fixed a magic buckler price
- Fixed an introduced Taerom reply
- Fixed a magic dagger effect
- Fixed the portal animations used by the mod
- Changed Casting Time to Casting Speed to clarify the description of some items / effects
- Changed one of the spells used in the final fight of "Stronghold and its Shadow" quest

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