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LavaWinter Releases
It's always good to play a bit during the break from school, work, university... right? Because of that what we need is some winter updates. New versions and mods that's going to make our new runs even more interesting.
I hope to prepare something nice for you, Baldur's Gate fans; something to make your new runs even nicer. Hmm... perhaps there's even something new on the horizon...?

Winter releases:

AG: Ooze's Lounge v2.9
Shades of the Sword Coast v.BETA1
White NPC v2.1
Verr'Sza BG2 v1.0
Quayle BG2 v6.1
First mod that got a new version is... Athkatlan Grounds: Ooze's Lounge. New version (v2.9) includes an update of Polish translation: all thanks to the a great Children of Bhaal member - memory - and The Stars of Mystra.

New winter release is up! And it's probably the biggest when compared to my other updates. So... Shades of the Sword Coast is now available! Enjoy the new quest pack for BGEE.

Download link
Newly set forum link
Aaaaand another release it here! This time it's White NPC. 
Version 2.1 introduces revised statistics and a script that will adjust his XP if joined later in the game.
Want to enjoy some frolics with an evil hunter in your team? Well, that's good, because Verr'Sza for BG2EE moves from v0.4 to v1.0. Yep! That's right! You can get the mod here:
And the final release is here! It's Quayle BG2 v6.1 Smile

The new version includes:
-Fixed "Brainy Pins"
-Fixed "Quayle's Glasses"
-Revised item descriptions for both BG2 and BG2EE
-Improved Quayle's Certificate, which now can improve his Charisma 3 times per day for 1 turn
-Added new item icons for: Brainy Pins, Quayle's Glasses, Grunting Ring and Quayle's Certificate
-Added new ability: "You unwise knuckleheads!" which can cause enemies to enter a berserk state


And that's the final Winter Release that's to prepare us for the Winter Holidays! Hope those releases will help you to rest a bit during the next few days Smile

Have a wonderful time everyone!

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