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SarevokTangle oak copper ring
Hi! First of all, your mods are very nice! I'm stuck in some missions Smile I can't find the copper ring mission in the Tangle Oak. I've checked the bridge often, can't see anything about it. I also got stuck in the clean air mission Smile I got the mask (my mother's scarf) but I could not find what to do. Some tip please Smile) By the way, do you intend to make npc's from types with special abilities? (aasimar, genasi, tiefling, shade...)
1. Once you get the ring quest, talk to the owner of Delosar's Inn.
2. To complete the clean air quest you don't need any item. Check your cleric's spell book, perhaps you'll find something useful there?
3. I already wrote unusual NPCs: Verr'Sza or Foundling, for example.

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