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EndarireFoundling and the Shadow Magic mod
To clarify:  Does Foundling use the same Shadow Magic rules that the Shadow Magic mod does?  I assumed so, but I've not tested it.
No, Shadow Magic mod was released years after Foundling and it's only for EE games, while Foundling is for both BG2 and BG2EE; the mod uses a bit more simple system. Plus, what Foundling use is a mix of Shadow Weave spells and Shadow Magic. So nope, Shadow Magic mod and Foundling mod use different approaches, different spells, etc.
However, I encourage you to try both of them, as Shadow Magic mod is a really great addition.
What say you to making a version of Foundling that, if Shadow Magic has already been installed, prompts the user at install time to use the Shadow Magic mod's version of the mechanics?  Those that want the old Foundling mechanics can have them, and they would be compatible with EE and non-EE games, but the "Shadow Magic Mod Foundling" would be EE-only.
(09-22-2020, 11:52 AM)Lava Wrote: (...) Foundling use is a mix of Shadow Weave spells and Shadow Magic. (...)
I think you missed that part. That is intentional and using both kinds of magic is mentioned in the dialogues. Also, it was all discussed already:

Replacing the original kit would mean much content is lost, some additions (like additional spells he may learn later) stop making sense. There are talks triggered by picking specific HLA - those would also be purged. 

This mod is complete. If we decide - with AionZ - that we want to make some kind of combination, then maybe, but neither of those mods was written to be used the way you describe it. For now, I have different priorities. Sorry.
Hi, I'm wondering if Foundling have some crossmod banters with your other BG2 NPC mods, like Verr'Sza and Hephernaan ?
There is some crossmod with Sirene and Will in this mod (if any of those were installed before Foundling)
Other crossmod talks are installed via G3 Crossmod Banter Pack. The up to date list is here:

It's been since I wrote any crossmod talks...
Thank you ! I forgot to check Crossmod Mod.

It will help me plan my next evil parties in BG2.

I was thinking about a Dark Moon monk charname, Viconia, Vienxay the Shadowmage and Foundling for a party themed around shadows, with the help of Dorn and Hephernaan for some fiendish support.
Sounds like a cool theme! Enjoy your new run! Smile

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