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MornagestFeedback on some CoI mods
OK so I finished the SoA part of BG2 -  I do not think I'll play to ToB as I don't like this part...

The events you described happened properly Smile

So as promised, here is my little feedback. Please just consider it as a personal one: I do not play many mods, I'm no modder and I have no pretentions to do so!

As noted before, I stupidly forgot to install TotDG... I will play another game to experiment it!

About Foundling, as I didn't recruit him because my party was good-oriented... the same!

Yvette is certainly the biggest mod of CoI. It is obvious you spent an insane amount of time writing the banters, coding the sequences, imagining the scenario... and the goal is achieved ! The character is charming, the romance comes really little by little and the writing is thoughtful. Yet the romance in itself is easy to manage, maybe a bit too easy.

Afterwards, I read some of the translation files to discover there are many many banters with other NPCs and I'm a bit surprised about this, as they didn't appear really often in game. I had Minsc, Jaheira, Yvette, Nalia, Jan then Imoen and I had no banter with Nalia, just one with Jaheira and Imoen, and two with Minsc. Maybe something wrong with my installation (ToBex ?).

The fact is that I would have suggest to write banters with NPCs, and... in fact they are present! A pity Sad

Innershade was a good surprise. The quest isn't complicated but interesting, and I enjoyed reading the stories Bud relates! I guess I should have spent more time with ol' Granny...! I think this mod is really a success Smile

I just encounter one bug with the ennemy in the mine: couldn't hurt it at all so its separation didn't happen. I had to use CTRL + Y to "kill" it and to trigger its separation. I tried a few times and the bug was always the same. Still a problem with ToBex?

The White Queen is a really creepy one! I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end, though the plot is sad... until the final twist, which is efficient!

For all your mods, I also really appreciate the musics you use. They fit the moment perfectly in my opinion.

So I would grant you a high grade for this suite, even if I didn't discover all its secrets. The good opportunity to start a new game, I guess! Big Grin

Again, thank you for your excellent work, Lava! Heart

PS: feel free to move this post in a new topic if you think it is more judicious Smile
Yep, I split the thread, I think this post deserves a topic of its own! Smile 

Thank you for your feedback! I am really happy that you enjoyed my mods. If you like, give Athkatlan Grounds mod series a chance. They are more "normal" (story-wise), but there are some parts of the newest mod - The Tangled Oak Isle - that may remind you of my old projects Smile

As for Yvette... I would actually recommend continuing ToB as it's one big plot twist in Yvette Romance and it's not like a filler for the PC and Yvette's relationship, but there is an actual big reveal out there, changing the while story in quite a significant way. There is new light (or perhaps shadow) cast on her presence, faith, and feelings... I don't want to spoil things, but... it may be worth a try.

Also, depending on how Innershade main plot ended in your game, there is an optional encounter if you...
absorbed the dream and let it live inside you and listened to its stories / past

Cheers! Smile
Alright, so I'll give a try with ToB. I think I'll speed up the ToB part with a bit of CTRL + Y, as I'm not really interested by the huge amount of combats in there... I much prefer reading stories, NPC reactions, and so on. Maybe I was contaminated by Planescape Torment by the way!

I did what you mention in the spoiler, so I'll see what happens then ^^

I read a bit about your newer mods and I think I'll start another game with them (and also with the full suite of CoI of course) Smile

Do you perchance recommand an archetype of PC (class, race, sex) or it doesn't matter at all (except Yvette's romance of course)?

Thank you, Lava ! Smile
(09-02-2020, 10:32 AM)Mornagest Wrote: Do you perchance recommand an archetype of PC (class, race, sex) or it doesn't matter at all (except Yvette's romance of course)?
Regarding the new game? Well, I would say it's all up to you! There should be something for everyone. Hmmm, there may be something interesting for fighter/mage in Tangled Oak Isle, but not sure if you should create such a character only because of that one reason.

OK, thank you! I wanted to try a skald, this time, so if that doesn't matter for your mods, it's alright Smile

I only see now I also forgot... I shall never forget. I saw the observatory at the government district but I forgot to get into!

You chose well the name of this mod Big Grin  another reason to start a new game at once. I'll romance Yvette once more, I think.
I ran ToB until the end, and I tried both options.

Both end quite sadly in fact... Angry but I think this seems logical, since Yvette had a repreive from Sune...

I enjoy this mod, really Smile just a bit surprised that other banters don't trigger properly, as I said: quite few interactions with my other companions, which is a pity since those interactions are the spice of the game in my opinion!

Let's start a brand new game with all CoI and AG mods installed! (this time I checked twice Tongue )
I'm glad you liked it. ToB part is a bit different and way more bitter, but I felt it would be better if you knew the full story. It's sad, but it allows you to make a full circle. And I bet Yvette was also quite happy to adventure with you and... well... live her life next to someone that understood her!

Enjoy your new run!

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