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HammeriteIf you are looking for an unique bard as companion...
I have to say, I was hesitant to play with her since I'm not a bard guy (never play with one nor use any bg's npc bard mods) and being IWD so combat focused I was afraid of her being not so good since I kinda play min-maxed characters. But she look interesting... and I was pleasantly surprised at the end!

She was indeed interesting to discover and play with her, and she was good enough in combat. I used her as a ranged attacker + extra offensive magic and she fulfill that role without problems. And even when needed (being surrounded by enemies) thanks to mirror image+stonekin she was decent in maintain herself in melee combat.

So, thank you for making such an interesting character for the game. I'm still not convinced about bards tho...  Tongue
Thanks for your feedback Hammerite Smile

Hah, I do not expect people to love bards, I kinda like them, I thought Ina would be an interesting character to see, thus I wrote her and asked Aion Z for help to make her fit certain roles. I'm glad that this worked out well!

I hope that with all that new content for IWD, the game will become even more interesting and enjoyable Smile


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If you are looking for an unique bard as companion...00