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HammeriteExactly what Icewind dale needed
First and foremost, thank you Lava for making mods for IWD. Second, after playing with this mod I can say it's already part of the core game for me. The game really needed some extra content to change the pace a little from the linear story and endless combat, and B&BI add exactly what you need to discover a new area to rest, enjoy some extra quests, dialogues and items.

Even for mere convenience the mod is perfect since the inn and merchants are closer than the ones in Kuldahar. So, instead of having to go back to kuldahar, walk to the stores/inn... you can just go back to the Below & Below Inn map and do everything way more faster.

A must.
Hammerite - Thank you! Smile

I hope that this mod, combined with my other IWD projects, will be enough to make IWD more complex. I like when such games guarantee some replayability and I hope that with new mods, including those made by other modders, provide that now Smile


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Exactly what Icewind dale needed00