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kiwidocI think I need a hint
I've found Petsy in the Sea's Bounty but (possible spoiler)
I can't get past the initial dialogue menu. She either keeps telling me she is Imoen, the one who helped in Baldurs Gate, and the c0onversation ends, or she tells me she doesn't like the place and leaves. Boo realises she's lying (not hard to do if you already know Imoen, even for a hamster Tongue but this doesn't acutawlly help. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
Hey! Edited your post to add spoiler tag. You can use it manually, check out the tips under the reply box.

As for your question... it's really weird. Who do you have in your party? Let me know and also try kicking people out of your team and then talking to her again. Or kill them for a moment. I think that maybe there is a problem with someone trying to interect in there...
I've solved it. Jaheira is in my party, and I left her on the upper floor ....
to avoid triggering the curse quest
This meant she couldn't interject at the right time - which was causing the problem. I'm too sneaky for my own good - just goes to show metgaming isn't always a g9ood thing Tongue
Will look into that anyway! Thanks!
Hi, could you help me please? Where I could find the Zane? I've checked every house in the district and he's nothing there...
Gods, it's been so long ago! It's the guy who you were supposed to meet in Slums, right? There's a new house in there, but because of the angle, you won't be able to see the door:
[Image: zane.jpg]

However, if you did not start a new game after installing the mod, your .are file may be now outdated (is you, for example, visited Slums and THEN installed Petsy).
O, thank you! Sorry, I don't know why I didn't receive any information that you had answered.
Sure! Enjoy your game Smile

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