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LavaSkie: The Cost... - New versions
Hey! New version is up! It includes better item descriptions by Cahir Smile
Grab v3.5 now! Thanks!
Version 3.6 is here! There is just one small change: it includes a new item for Skie (NPC component) - an armor she received in my new mod: The Vanishing of Skie Silvershield. I thought it would be weird if she had it in BGEE and appeared without it in BG2EE. However, the item is not a very powerful one and you can replace it (without any consequences) with anything else of your choice.

A huge new version is here! Special thanks to GoForTheEyes for editing and Varwulf for Eddard's soundset!

What's new in v4.0:

- Additional proofreading by GoForTheEyes
- Better compatibility with jastey's Another fine Hell for SoD/EET
- Fixed Soultaker dagger duplication bug
- Added a starting XP adjustment
- Added additional interjections
- Added a new Silvershiled item (installed along with PIDs)
- Added a new component: PID talks for Skie
- Added a new component: The Return of Eddard Silvershield - includes: Skie's new quest, a new NPC with friendship and romance for both SoA and ToB, banters, interjections
- Added a new component: PID talks for Eddard
- Added a new document: FAQ
Whoot, I didn't see this one coming!

Eddard as a NPC!

Now i'm thinking of a party with only nobles as NPC : Skie, Eddard,  Anomen, Nalia and maybe Keldorn or Valygar?

What's Eddard's class please?
Trouveur - a custom blade-like fighting abilities, HOWEVER he can't pick pockets (the skill is always locked). He's specialized in a 2-handed swords.

I worked on the component for quite a while, the mod is like twice as big now. A pity Eddard was never fleshed out in the original game. Even his age is unclear, he is young enough to be called a "kid", but that's what we know. The corpse had a kid animation, but he could be a teen as well. To make it clear: I've decided to the interpretation that allowed me to write something I believe had the potential to be an interesting addition so according to this mod the caravan ambush happened when he was in his very late teens (17-18) and it was supposed to be his coming-of-age mission, he was to show he is a man that can make things go according to a plan and what was supposed to be an easy mission, because something much else because of bandit problem that became something really big meanwhile. When we meet him in BG2, he is already 18... perhaps even almost 19, as the quest doesn't happen right away, in the very beginning of the game.

Keeping both Skie and Eddard will make you see some nice comments and interjections Wink

I released a small fix for Eddard's Copper Coronet repeating dialogue problem. If you get that problem, use this code OR visit the Radiant Heart building and stand near the statue in the order's building (before you go to the Coronet).


It's fixed in the version I just released.
Version 4.1 is up! It improves the installation process/fixes bug some may have encountered during installation of the components 2-4.
Special thanks to Enigmajazz and CamDawg and AL|EN.

The new version is up and it should prevent problems with Missini not starting her dialogues every now and then.

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