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LavaTales of the Deep Gardens updates
Version 12.5 is up! It includes better item item descriptions for EE by Cahir 

Hello! In the Russian version, the worldmap.tra file was not translated. There is only one line, here is its translation:
@ARLDV1 = "Глубинные###Сады"

If possible, please add.
Small inconsistency: Barney is talking about ale of high quality and the hero receives a bottle of wine Wink
Oh, no one ever noticed that, lol.
Thanks Smile
Another issue: in my installation the green bark has no effect when equipped. Well, at least not the effect described...

some details: 
category is food (13)
target is caster(5) but number of targets is 0

It also has some effects like a potion (the last 3 of 7)

I'm not suprised it is not working, but I think it will be complicated to fix it. I would recommend to place the resistance effects directly on the item and not via the item ability (magical effect). 

And well, I tried to do this. No success. Therefore I guess, you can't place an item with permanent bonus into the quick slot. And I don't remember an item in the game that has this effect. Otherwise we should check how this is done...
But have you tried using it? You put it in the quick slot and then exit the inventory and just click it to consume it. The item is lost and you should get a permanent bonus.

I just checked it. You place it in the quick slot item and then just use it as if you were using a wand. Instead of picking a target, though, the character costumes the item, you lose it permanently and you get the bonuses.
And BTW - you can't get any bonuses by just placing an item in your quick slot. You have to use it, like you can use that bark.
Well... to use it... this is the easy and obvious solution. And then all the abilities and effects make sense... And of course, it works!

I guess I was distracted by the fact that the item doesn't show a number in the right bottom part like usually when you have things to consume. 

Thanks for your help!
No problem!  Heart
Hello there!

I was just to finish the ToDG (i really enjoyed it, the music and immersion is real(!) (even though music is quite simple)) but then I thought about getting a 'tattoo' from "Silvermouth" (not sure what's her name in English Wink 

Anyway - is there any description of effects of every colour? That would be helpful in making decision. Or even if there is no possibility to know it upfront, where can I find the effects of the tattoo? It is not an innate ability. How am I supposed to know what I got? Smile 

Thank you!
That's the thing: you are not supposed to know. During the whole adventure, you learn about Colours, what they represent and stand for. For example Red is wrathful. Time is Grey. I do not give the descriptions, because the decisions were to be based on your intuition and story behind every Colour.

The full information can be found at Polish site Children of Bhaal, but to everyone who wants to play according to the design - do not check it. Just pick your favorite Colour, the one you feel greatest connection with. If you pick from the list... well, it's up to you, but that's not how it was supposed to work.
Okay, I see Lava 

Many thanks! You've convinced me to follow my inner feelings as I really enjoyed the mod Big Grin
Sure, enjoy the rest of the game! Smile

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