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LavaWeasels! - basic information and download
The Infinity Engine games always needed more weasels, right? That's why I've decided to create this mod. It introduces 5 weasel-themed items to BG:EE / BG2:EE / IWD:EE and also adds 4 new spells (1 arcane spell for mages / wizards / bards, 1 shared by both arcane and divine casters, and 2 divine spells for druids / shamans / rangers) which are available through both character creation and scrolls you may find during your adventures. Warning: Those who dislike weasels should should avoid this mod. Seriously, there are probably other interesting mods that suit you far more, and won't make your games smell of musk.

Yay! Weasels are now available in Chinese language! V2.1 is here! Thanks, Merzbau Smile
Version 2.2 with better item descriptions by Cahir is up! Smile Enjoy!
I just found in IWDEE the Paws of the Weasel's Friend(L#WEASE5) and thought "nice surprise" Big Grin
It's supposed to grant Haste to Rangers and Druids. Cool

Does it grant it only to single classed Chars or as well to multiclassed ones. Huh
I have them equipped to my Fighter/Druid but the effect doesn't show. Blush
Any idea about it?
Yep, that is a bug I noticed yesterday. I am working on a new version of this mod and this fix will be included. Sorry!
No problem, knowing what & why is enough for me. But if you work on a new version, maybe you would like to consider making all weasel-items and spells usable by druids, rangers, maybe shamans and what other classes might belong to "those who have trained in having a connection with nature" or have the right alignment - but that's just an idea ..... if it fits your original motivation to make those spells & items.
Sorry, but the idea for the items is to make something that's not only usable by characters that may actually cast the new spells. But there are many other neat things in v3.0 that I just released Smile

What's new:
- Fixed "Paws of the Weasel's Friend"
- Added 2 new bard-exclusive spells: "Musky Aura" and "Weasel's Dark Paw" (BGEE, BG2EE, IWD)
- "Weaselpaws" spell no longer stacks if cast multiple times on one target
- "Power of the Weasel God" spell no longer stacks if cast multiple times on one target
- "Arcane Attire of the Weasel God" is actually worn by Nimbul (BGEE)
- "Arcane Attire of the Weasel God" corrected item icon
- "Arcane Attire of the Weasel God" may now be used once per day
- "Arcane Attire of the Weasel God" new effects and properties added
- "Arcane Attire of the Weasel God" may be upgraded by Cespenar (BG2EE)
- Updated all translations to cover the above changes
- Additional proofreading and item description verification by GoForTheEyes
- WeiDU update
Version 3.1 is here! It includes:
- Cespenar dialogue improvements
- new weasel animation
This mod is awesome. The spells are extremely useful without feeling too overpowered. And they are so cute!

I've wanted to play a summoner druid, and the weasel spells make that playstyle viable and possible so much earlier, I love it!
The mod is pretty simple, but I'm glad you like it Smile
I think I like everything you make. You have a really creative mind and a good heart, I can feel it in everything you share.

Hey, would it be possible to add a cleric version of Summon Astral Weasel? To balance out the power of arcane and divine summoners a bit?
Sorry, but I'm not planning anything like that. The mod is finished and I won't be making any big changes to it or add any new spells, I feel it's in the state I wanted it to be.

But thank you for your kind words! Smile  I hope you will still enjoy the mod as it is.

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