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LavaTangled Oak Isle updates
I'm happy to say that Tangled Oak Isle v0.91 is up! Thanks to Austin the mod now includes a Russian translation, plus it should also be compatible with EET.
How compatible is Tangled Oak Isle with the EET version of the mod World Map?  There may be incompatibilities.
You'd need to ask Austin as he helped with that. I do not play EET or BGT (when using old games, before EE got published) thus I never really needed Worldmap mod. Remember, though, that there is a certain order needed. As mentioned in Southern Edge:
Quote:Compatibility notes: the mod updates existing mapicons.bam file; if you're using a mod that overrides mapicons.bam instead of patching it, it should be installed before the mod. BP-BGT Worldmap, which is always installed in the end.

So if there are problems, make sure that the order is ok first Smile
v0.92 is available! There was a bug with the main quest not progressing if Cernd wasn't in the group. It should be fine now.
New version is up! And there are many changes!

  • fixed L#NIH01.d
  • fixed L#NIFIS.d
  • enhanced L#NIBRI.baf
  • areas corrections
  • description BAMs fpr EE
  • BP-BGT-Worlmap compatibility
  • additional LOAD_TRA for non-EE
  • Chinese translation by Merzbau
  • additional testing
New version is up. It includes better item descriptions by Cahir Smile Grab 1.03 now!
very cool mod! I can say most of your mods are great too !  Big Grin
Thank you, Sarevok Smile That's very nice of you, Child of Bhaal!
Version 2.0 is up! Smile List of changes:
  • Text improvements for all the talks and descriptions
  • Fixed tainted liquid talk
  • Moomik journal entries fix
  • French translation by deratiseur
  • Chinise translation update
  • Russian translation update

I made a small update which should make the cave script work a bit better. There's also a fix for the small incompatibility with UB (those that use previous version should finish Tangled Oak main quest BEFORE UB's Haer'Dalis quest)
New Version is up! Version 2.20 includes Polish translation by memory , proofread by Roberciiik.

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