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LavaVarshoon - basic information and download
Want to have a non-human ally, but still don't want a god-like NPC? Want to know more about the mysterious and exotic race known as the illithid? Will you risk placing your trust into a creature who is a monster only concerned with gathering knowledge? If you are willing to take this risk - join Varshoon. Each of you can learn something more about the race of the other. Well, I should tell you what to do to have this mysterious ally join you; basically, you will need a decent amount of intellect. And what if you don't? Well, you'll have to find that out for yourself. I won't reveal that kind of surprise... This mod adds to the game a new and unique NPC - Varshoon the Illithid. He has his own kit of Psionic Forcer. Varshoon is a mental warrior. He joins with his own special equipment and it cannot be replaced with any other items.

At our Russian forum, people are wondering if it is possible to add EET compatibility to Varshoon mod?
Sadly, as I do not play EET, I usually depend on others when it comes to EET compatibility updates. However, if there is anyone who would like to make him work on EET should contact me, I'll check if it still installs fine on non-EE game and then we could make it public.
Have you talked with Roxanne about porting this to EET?  Normally, she's been amicable to EET comversions.  If not Roxanne, what about Jastey, subtledoctor, grammarsalad, or Gwendolyne?

Aside for Lava: Update your profile links on various modding sites (SHS, G3, Beamdog) to point to your new site ( instead of your old Scriptorium site.
We are not on the same page with Raxanne when it comes to modding. I wish her well, but that would be all. As when it comes to other modders, I am in touch with them and their hand are full. With such number of mods I have to depend on others quite often and those other modders also have projects of their own... Also sorry, but EET is not my priority - when I have mods with reported bugs, characters that "stutter" etc, I will pick fixing them so they worked smoothly. But, as I said, if someone feels like giving EET compatibility a shot, such person should contact me via PM here or G3, SHS, BD. Meanwhile, when someone new appears and is eager to help with stuff, I usually speak openly and I mention EET in such situations. Right now, though, my priority is releasing 2 more projects that are in a quite advanced state.

As for links - well, I am still updating links here and there. I've been around for like 12 years so it may be hard to find every place where I included such links, heh. But I still update them now and then, no worries.

Anyway, patience Smile I Remember about EET players and while I don't use it myself, I am open for cooperation with those familiar with it and with those that like/want to help with making more mods work with Trilogy smoothly. When such new version is ready, I release it, I don't cause delays when they are not necessary.

Greetings, Weasel!

Where do we find Varshoon?  What are the requirements for him to join the party in SoA and ToB?  Why was there never a BeamDog post about Varshoon for BG2EE/EET?

You need Intelligence 15 or higher. To keep him, you need to ensure he respects you, that happens via talks and some other things. He may be found in the illithid part of the sewers, to which you need Tazok's key.

And I do not think I HAVE to create threads for all my mods, especially the old ones that were created ages ago, when EE wasn't even a thing, and those that are just of "ok" quality.
I was curious about Varshoon's starting location in SoA.  I'm doing party planning and taking notes on various recruitable NPCs.  Yours have been significantly recommended and I want to ensure I can reliably access the content.  (Thankee for the bonus of needing to keep Varshoon by 16+ INT and persuading him through talks to stay.)

Regarding my inquiry about the BeamDog forum post, I apologize if I seemed ornery or otherwise negative.  I realized afterwards there were better ways to ask.  I mentioned the BeamDog post because it seemed odd that Varshoon was a standout mod from you that didn't have an official BeamDog forum post from you.


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