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LavaThe White Queen updates
Version 6.7 is now available. It includes update of one item name. A small thing, but needed as some people requested to improve it and I thought it's a good idea. All translations include that change.
New version that includes corrected item descriptions for EE version of the game is up! Thanks, Cahir
Hi Lava ,

I was installing this mod and looking to the item descriptions (really nicely done) and I found a bug in WQXSWQ1.itm :

Instead of having : 30% chance to destroy undead lesser than 5D6 (description) the item have : 30% chance to destroy Ally lesser than 5D6... short story short, there is an issue in the opcode (55), the IDS target should be GENRAL.ids (3) instead of EA.ds(2).

Anyway, thanks for this great mod
Will fix it when I'll be updating White Queen Smile Thanks!
The White Queen is now available in Czech! All thanks to Edvin.


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