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LavaWilson Chronicles - basic information and download
Have you wished you could have more conversations with your furry companion - Wilson, the bear paragon? Do you think other party members should share their thoughts with him? Wilson Chronicles can make that wish come true!

[Image: qphfrq17wloj.jpg]

The mod includes party dialogues and some encounters to make sure those groups who travel with the bear companion won't suffer from a lack of interesting events. The added dialogue maintains the style of the original game: bears have their own language and I respect that. The mod offers:
  • Wilson-CHARNAME dialogues (both timer-based and triggered under other circumstances) in both SoA and ToB
  • Additional small encounters in SoA and ToB, including 2 miniquests in SoA and 1 miniquest in ToB, with journal entries
  • At least 2 banters in SoA and 1 in ToB with each of the BioWare and Beamdog companions
  • Some new interjections here and there in both SoA and ToB
  • A few new items, including one new item that may be forged by Cromwell in SoA and one new item that may be forged by Cespenar in ToB
  • Item usability restrictions modified to allow Wilson to use necklaces, amulets and a few special items
  • New skills Wilson may learn during the game (1 in SoA, 1 in ToB) - including new icons!
  • Possibility to raise Wilson's dexterity during the game (up to +2 in SoA and an additional +1 in ToB) - for a price!
  • Unlocked possibility to summon Wilson through the Fate Spirit in ToB even if you did not meet him in SoA (something for those who would like to start a new ToB-only game)
  • New ToB-exclusive joining and kick-out dialogues (Wilson originally used SoA dialogues in ToB)
  • A small patch to ensure that Wilson's race is properly displayed on the character sheet
The conditions for meeting Wilson, the amazing furry paragon, do not change with this mod. You can gain a quest to find him by speaking with Zaviak (Neera's Quest), although it is not necessary. You will find Wilson for the first time during Rasaad's quest: after crossing the bridge towards the heretics' temple, look to the southeast (outside the temple). Be sure to speak with Wilson before taking other actions. He will leave temporarily, but if you spoke with him first, you will find him waiting for you in the northwestern part of the area. Wilson's friendship talks (added by this mod) will not start immediately; just be patient, and remember to rest from time to time!

I would like to thank some people who helped me greatly. First of all, agb1 who proofread the mod and made sure that everything works fine. I also got some great help from argent77 and Artemius_I

So? What are you waiting for? Start your adventure and fight arm by arm with your big furry brother-in-arm!


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