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LavaNev version
Heya! Version 1.1 is up! It includes:
-fixed typos
-fixed problem with displaying some symbols in Oak-Maw's talks
-added version flag to the setup file

Thanks EekanImp for all his reports!
Version 1.2 is up. Because of AWizardDidIt and his feedback some changes were made.

  1. Oak-Maw's personal armor got booster for balance reasons: as you can't change his armor, it now gets a special new mechanic; when NPC's HP drop below 50%, Oak-Maw will become enraged and receive bonuses - +3 AC, +3 THAC0 and +10% physcial resistance... yep, he becomes much stronger when hurt!
  2. His favorite weapons are still axes, however, when you find new axes later in game, you can use those weapons to backstab (it also makes them usable for thieves, but it should become an excellent weapon for your deer-like friend!)
  3. Now, in friendship talk 5 it is more obvious that player's reply to end discussion is actually a friendship-killer
  4. ...and finally a fix for one of his interjections.

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