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LavaColours of Infinity - basic information and download
Colours of Infinity is a series of mods by Lava Del'Vortel. The first release in this project is called Tales of the Deep Gardens. Innershade is the second. The series will include a number of small mods that will add some mysterious, intriguing and sometimes abstract aspects to the game. Be prepared to see interesting new areas and take part in mystical adventures.

Tales of the Deep Gardens:
Tales of the Deep Gardens allows players to travel through a new land, deep under Faerun; a realm of mystery, dream, Colourful Essences and riddles. Talk to people who may not even see you, try to find the answers to obscure riddles, fight with Living Colours and gather 10 Colours to leave the Gardens. But remember, Dreamer, that this place is something more than just a chain of caves... It may be a Dream you'll not want to wake up from...

Follow a path between the trees to find a very new village to visit: the village of Innershade. It's been having some problems lately: some people disappeared, and the attacker was never seen. You must stop the guilty party, if you can. Solving the problem may be not enough; getting rid of the attacker is only one of the ways to handle this. The second is understanding the motives and past that became a great burden. In the end, you may have to become a judge of sorts.

The White Queen:
The White Queen is a Colours of Infinity series mod, which allows player to visit brand new place - Silent Swamps - where something happened some time ago. Curious? Let yourself discover what lies under the layers of the mud, meet the White Queen and her servants.

I Shall Never Forget:
ISNF lets you meet a man with a broken heart, yet with sparks of a dreadful hope in his eyes. Why it's dreadful? Because a loss of love may drive one crazy. In the quest, your task is to help the mentioned man, who may seem depressed and with no hope, but actually he is unable to give up. You can find him in his Observatory that can be found at the Goverment District.

Yvette Romance:
Yvette Romance is a Colours of Infinity mod that allows male charname (if he matches the requirements) to join a brand new NPC and romance her. She will stay in the party as long as the romance continues. She will also talk to other BioWare NPCs and react to your in-game doings. Everything starts with a strange parchment you may buy on the Promenade. It's a portrait of young lady. That's how Yvette appears in the game. Help her to remember who she really is, let her experience adventures, let her stay by your side - that may guide you to something more than friendship, something Sune herself would bless. Yet remember that Yvette's past can tear your with its sharp talons.

Foundling: Between the Shades:
Foundling is the thrall of Thaxll'ssillvia, the Shadow Dragon found in the Temple Ruins. He is cold, calculating, and determined to be freed from his influence. He can never oppose his master on his own, but everything can change thanks to the influence of the Bhaalspawn. The quest starts with the death of Foundling's master. Foundling is a Shadow Adept who can use Shadow Weave Magic as well as some Shadow Magic. The mod introduces a new kind of magic with its own advantages and disadvantages.


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