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LavaInformation regarding the recent update and mod's version flags
Hi, Everyone! I've decided to update Quayle BG2 and... well, there is quite a number of changes!
Aerie still must die in order to make Quayle join the group, but worry not - even after you install the mod, you can still decide who you want to join, it's all definied by an in-game event.

Changes in this version:
-Many rewritten lines and talks
-Added banters between Quayle and EE NPCs
-Additional proofreading by jmaeq
-New portrait for Quayle
-Updated .cre file - SoA
-Updated .cre file - ToB

-Updated WeiDU

Now, regarding the version flag: original flags stopped at v5.0, then ReDone versions were introduced and followed up to ReDone 3; to simplify version flags, this version becomes v6.0 and from now on flags should progress normally: "ReDone" prefix is now dropped

Well, remember that this mod is quite old (well, it's actually one of my first mods ever, keep that in mind!), but after this update, it should work much better and Quayle should be a tiny bit less annoying.

The download is up! Have fun!
New version is up! V6.1 includes:
-Fixed "Brainy Pins"
-Fixed "Quayle's Glasses"
-Revised item descriptions for both BG2 and BG2EE
-Improved Quayle's Certificate, which now can improve his Charisma 3 times per day for 1 turn
-Added new item icons for: Brainy Pins, Quayle's Glasses, Grunting Ring and Quayle's Certificate
-Added new ability: "You unwise knuckleheads!" which can cause enemies to enter a berserk state
Version v7.0 is here! Changes:
- New portrait
- Fixed a few typos
- Fixed Epilogue script
- Fixed Epilogue portrait
- Added missing walls to the quest area
- Added a few player responses in dialogues
- Added basic PIDs for SoA and ToB
- Added XP adjustment for EE games
- Longer time spaces between dialogues
- Improved quest cutscenes

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Information regarding the recent update and mod's version flags00