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Bernie RMight we see some IWD2 (ee compatible) mods from you in the future.
I was quite excited when the fan made IWD2 ee enhancement mod came out. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm guessing it caused renewed interested in the game. That being the case, might you create some additions of your own for it?

Hi! At some point I was wondering how the new IWD2EE engine works, so I checked a thing or two -- for example what's going to happen if you already have a party of 6 and a new companion joins the team (the game starts to slow down and I think it kinda goes crazy!) and while I am not saying definitive "no" here, I think I may need to make up my mind about that and maybe see how IWD2EE is going to change and if any other modder is going to add some new content to it Smile

Cheers! Smile

I'm glad to hear it's not out of the question. I'm a bit confused though, as adding a new NPC to your party always requires one to also remove one once the limit of six is reached, doesn't it? I recall reading someone figured out how to crack the limit, but there were all sorts of issues with what the seventh party member could do.

That's not what I mean: in BGEE, BG2EE, IWDEE when you add a companion when you already have a party of 6, the reform party window appears and you have to kick out one NPC. In IWD2EE however, such window does not appear and instead the game starts to "stutter" and bug (because IWD2 never needed to handle that before). So I fear there still may be some things that may need adapting. At least that's how the game behaved when I checked it last time. I wonder if there are some other things like that. It all looks really impressive and great and I just wonder if such things are going to be improved Smile 

I am however still observing how IWD2EE is evolving and I can't wait to see what the future updates are going to bring! I can't even imagine how the authors achieved what's already there!
Ah, I understand now. I would assume the IWD 2 ee team would certainly want to sort that out. Thanks again.

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Might we see some IWD2 (ee compatible) mods from you in the future.00